ARtist BiO:

Julie Ross was born in Tampa but raised in Sarasota, FL where she received her first formal art instruction through the Visual & Performing  Arts Center earning various awards and scholarships towards her college education. She attended Ringling College of Art & Design during her freshman year and transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she earned her BFA in Media Arts with a minor in Art Therapy.  With a huge surge of wanderlust, Julie left the United States and embarked on a journey that lasted 15 years taking her to England, South Africa, Africa, The Caribbean, The Mediterranean, Panama Canal passage, Hawaiian Islands, finally living in New Zealand. All the while Julie's love of creating art continued to flourish.  Julie's artwork is in private collections in many parts of the world. She returned to America in 2006, and continues her life as an artist having lived in Atlanta, St. Petersburg, and now resides in Sarasota.  "My work plays out like an open blank diary, using whatever material I have at hand. It is at that point where the database of all my experiences are allowed to show up and create a statement.  My job as an artist is to allow the dialogue to happen; allow the forms to shape with freedom from judgement and fear. Some days are better than others; some years take on different paths. I love all the many different mediums available, and am a huge fan of the line, but an old shoe tread, rusty bottle cap, memory from long ago, are also at times, ingredients necessary for me to create my story." - Julie Ross

Julie Ross treated my precious little Fluffy with all the care and attention you could ever ask for!


Julie Ross